U Siyang Boo ečige-ben erigsen How Wu Xiangbao Searched for His Father


Cassette: 123-129
Transcription: hdl:11341/0000-0000-0000-2781
Transcription Number: Mo 60-63
Transcription Pages: 339 pp.
Recording: On August 13-15, 1995, Rinčindorǰi recorded the text from the recitation of the bard Nimaodzer of Baγarin West Banner .
Transcription Note: At the end of the text, Rinčindorǰi remarks that he transcribed the text from tape without emending it, but he noticed that the text contains mistakes and narrative inconsistencies.
Peculiarities: -
Further Information: At the end of the text (Mo 63), Nimaodzer explains how he learned the tale from the bard Yondon of West Ongniγud when he was 34 or 35 years old. He also states that he memorised the tale after hearing it twice.
Language Archive Cologne: hdl:11341/0000-0000-0000-2723


The events of the story take place during the reign of Ren Zong, the fourth emperor of the Song dynasty. On the first day of the eighth lunar month, Emperor Ren Zong received his officials at court in the eastern capital, Banliang. On this occasion, Ren Zong told the assembled officials that he had had a dream of a light shining over the gate of the Three Ministers. Ren Zong asked who could interpret his dream. At this request, a Buddhist holy master explained that a luminous pearl, which was not yet in Emperor’s treasury, was about to be brought to him. Then the story turns to the Prefecture of Nanyang. There was in this place the seven-year-old Wu Xiangbao, born to an aged couple who had long been childless. His father, Wu Luu, was extremely rich, and he also owned a magic pearl which had power over the weather. One day, his wife suggested that he bring the pearl to Emperor Ren Zong, in the hope that one day the Emperor would bestow a high rank on their son. Wu Luu saddled his horse, put on armour and set out on his journey. In the meantime, in Banliang, the Imperial Teacher was making secret plans with his two sons, Zhang Long and Zhang Biao, to steal the pearl. On his way, Wu Luu came upon the two brothers, who lured him to their residence. They poisoned Wu Lu and threw his body into a well. Since Xiangbao and his mother never heard again from Wu Luu, they became alarmed. Wu Luu’s soul returned home, and when Xiangbao and his mother saw a vapour floating in the air, they knew that Wu Lu was dead. The seven-year-old son old Xiangbao decided to set out to find his father’s corpse and to take revenge upon the murders. Along the way, Xiangbao experienced a series of dangerous adventures. He succeeded in killing a thirteen-headed monster ( mangγus) who had abducted the daughter of Emperor Ren Zong. Wu Xiangbao also made a journey into the realm of the Dragon King, where he obtained a magic gourd. While staying at an inn, Xiangbao was given poisoned wine to drink and died. Because Xiangbao was an incarnation of the White Tiger Star, a Daoist immortal came down through the air onto the place where Xiangbao lay dead. He called back Xiangbao’s soul, mixed the immortality pill with spring water and poured this into his mouth. Xiangbao came back to life. It is by means of the immortality pill given to him by the Daoist immortal that Xiangbao will eventually revive his dead father.