Dawarinčin (1930-?) was born in Kingγan League, where his family had moved from Mongγolǰin (Fuxin, Liaoning Province). At his age of two Dawarinčin fell ill and became blind. Aged 16, Dawarinčin learned the tale Arban tabuduγar Tang ulus, or Arban tabuduγar üy-e Tang ulus-un üliger “The Story of the Fifteenth Generation (of the Emperors) of the Tang Dynasty” from his teacher Ma Liyang (1920-1965), who was also blind. Dawarinčin enjoyed hearing stories told by Chinese story-tellers, and his tales follow the tradition of the Chinese historical romance, starting the narration with an account of the Chinese dynasties in chronological sequence. Dawarinčin also perfected his performance skill by hearing the recitals of renowned Mongolian bards such as Paǰai (1902-1960) and Mönggö-γooltu (1914-1969).