Damrin was born in 1939 in Bayan Erdeni village of Baγarin West Banner. His father Sečendelger was a poor herdsman. Damrin inherited a large number of books from his uncle, but he burned them during the Cultural Revolution. Damrin studied under the guidance of the great bard Muuökin (1906-1979). The majority of the tales which Damrin recited were handed down orally to him by the elder bards of his homeland. The two tales entitled Altan ulus-un šastir “The Story of the Golden State” and Altan morin-u namtar “The Story of the Golden Horse” were handed down orally to him by a person whose family name was Wang.

Further Information

For a full English translation of the biography, see Elisabetta Chiodo, “Life Stories and Achievements of Eastern Mongol Bards”, Ural-Altaische Jahrbücher NF 22, 2008, pp. 199-202 . The Mongolian texts of the biographies of the bards, on which the English translation is based, are published in Rinčindorǰi, Tuuličid quγurčid-un namtar böge mörgöl-ün iraγu nayiraγ , Beijing 2010, pp. 157-177, 195-214 .