The bard Gawa is a native of Qorčin West Wing South Banner, living in Alašan. Gawa talks about the three national heroes of the Mongols: Geser, J̌angγar, and Činggis qaγan. Then he recounts how, as a child, he became fond of the tales recited to the accompaniment of the fiddle ( quγur-un üliger). Gawa likewise recalls how, in 1962, the great bard Paǰai came to Alašan and how he had the opportunity to meet him on that occasion. Gawa’s repertoire includes Küiten aγula-yin üliger “The Tale of the Cold Mountain”, Yeke Süi ulus-un üliger “The Tale of the Great Sui Dynasty”, Yeke Tang ulus “The Great Tang Dynasty”, and Baraγun Liyang ulus “The Great Western Liang Dynasty”. Tales on new subjects also form part of Gawa’s repertoire. The material includes a small portion of the Geser epic recited by Gawa. It describes the hero Asar Qayičang’s battle with the twelve-headed monster ( mangγus). In addition, Gawa recites verses in praise of the deeds of the hero J̌angγar.