Činggis-ün üliger The Story of Činggis


Cassette: 095
Transcription: hdl:11341/0000-0000-0000-276B
Transcription Number: Mo 90
Transcription Pages: 9 pp.
Recording: On August 27, 1984 in Kökeqota, Walther Heissig recorded the text from the recitation of the bard Gawa (Dorǰigawa) of Qorčin West Wing South Banner, living in Alašan.
Transcription Note: In the spring of 2007, Nima wrote down the text recited by the bard Gawa.
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Language Archive Cologne: hdl:11341/0000-0000-0000-2719


It is a short story in verse recounting how Ögelei ( Ögelen) gave birth to Činggis in the open steppe while her husband Yisügei was away engaged in battle. When Ögelei washed the baby in the water of River Onon, a clear white mist arose from the earth which was seen eveywhere for three days. People in foreign countries understood that it was a heavenly sign. Then, a disk emerged from the clouds which illuminated the world and announced that a star had fallen onto the land of the Mongols. These ominous signs made the people in Shangdong run in panic in all directions. From the day he was born, Činggis caused the enemy armies to tremble with fear.