The Bard Dorǰi
The bard Dorǰi
Dorǰi (1923-?) was born in Küriye Banner. He was a herdsman. Aged five, Dorǰi moved with his family to Aru Qorčin. He taught to himself to play the fiddle (quγur) and learned tales from Mongolian books, having another person read them for him. Only later on did Dorǰi learn how to read books in Mongolian. In 1959, Dorǰi moved to Sili-yin qota, where he and the bard Öskübuyan (1911-1979) performed tales in the house of tales (üliger-ün ger). Dorǰi based his oral performance of the tale Baraγun Liyang ulus-un üliger “The Story of the Western Liang State” on the Mongolian translation of the tale, inserting Mongolian traditional folk poetry into the tale, and converting parts in prose into verse.