Da Siyan Γuwan


Cassette: 003-005
Transcription: hdl:11341/0000-0000-0000-276E
Transcription Number: Mo 40
Transcription Pages: 66 pp.
Recording: In the autumn of 1986 in Tongliao, Walther Heissig recorded the text from the recitation of the bard Bai Suo (1937-1992) of J̌arud.
Transcription Note: Nima wrote down the text.
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Language Archive Cologne: hdl:11341/0000-0000-0000-271A


The story is set during the time of Yong Chang , the fourth emperor of the Zhou dynasty. One day, Yong Chang’s young children, a girl and a boy, fell ill, and the Yong Chang swore an oath that if his children recovered he would send them to the Southern Sea, where Mount Potala stands to bow before the Bodhisattva Guan Yin. The children recovered. Five or six years later, the Emperor received his officials at court and told them about his oath. Then he asked which of his officials would escort the two children on their long journey to the south. An official named Hou Yanzhao stepped forward and said that he would accompany the Emperor’s children and that he would assume command of an army to protect them. Hou Yanzhao wore armour and saddled his horse, and the troops arrayed themselves according to the “five elements”. After the Emperor’s children were seated in a carriage, they all set out on their journey. While camping at Da Xian Guan, in the south, two men penetrated the military camp. They were seized and brought before Hou Yanzhao. The two men confessed that they had come to abduct the Emperor’s children and to cut off Hou Yanzhao’s head. They pleaded for mercy and offered to serve Hou Yanzhao.